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Microsoft Office 2010 Standard - the comprehensive office software for sale The MS Office edition 2010 Standard is one of the most popular office versions from Microsoft. Its comprehensive portfolio of programs and functions contains...
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Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus - the comprehensive suite for business professionals as a purchase version With the MS Office 2010 Professional Plus edition, business professionals have all Microsoft programs bundled in one...
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MS Office 2010 Standard

Even the Standard of the Office 2010 version offers more programs compared to Office 2010 Home and Student or Home and Business: It also includes Outlook or Publisher, both of which are indispensable for communicating and publishing print and online media. This extends the possibilities beyond purely private use and enables professional work in every area. In addition, the desktop interface has been revised and modernised, making it even more intuitive to use.

MS Office 2010 Standard contains these individual programs:

    • Word 2010 for word processing
    • Excel 2010 for spreadsheet calculation
    • PowerPoint 2010 for presentations
    • Outlook 2010 for managing e-mail, calendars and contacts
    • OneNote 2010 for creating and using notes
    • Publisher 2010 for Desktop Publishing

Word 2010 - the versatile word processing program

Word is a classic component of every Office version. The versatile word processing software contains a wide range of functions and templates that can be used intuitively to create a professional, attractive document from any text - for any purpose: from business correspondence in the company, to presentations and theses at school and university, to flyers and books that can then be published ready for printing.

Excel 2010 - for extensive spreadsheets

Excel is the powerful basis for carrying out complex mathematical, economic and statistical calculations and analyses. The spreadsheet software offers a wide range of functions for this purpose, which will delight even the most demanding users. In addition, the program also contains a wide selection of diagram types for the clear presentation of analysis results.

PowerPoint 2010 - for the convincing design of presentations

PowerPoint offers everything that is necessary for the visualization of various information. Many templates of presentation slides and elements make it easy to design professional presentations in order to present content in lectures in a clear and vivid way and thus attract the attention of the audience. PowerPoint can be used to create presentations not only in companies, but also in research, school and university.

Outlook 2010 - manage e-mails, contacts, appointments and more

Outlook forms the indispensable basis for modern communication in companies: This includes not only the professional organization of e-mail traffic, but also the central administration and coordination of appointments and business contacts - which is one of the typical tasks of modern everyday office life.

OneNote 2010 - the digital notebook

OneNote gives users the greatest flexibility in collecting text, images, digital handwriting, audio and video in one central location. Powerful search functions help to quickly find the information stored there and thus to collaborate effectively with other users.

Publisher 2010 - for professional desktop publishing

With Publisher, users of Office 2010 Standard have a versatile DTP software at their disposal to professionally create all kinds of advertising material etc., whether online or offline. For this purpose, the software provides a wide range of design options, not only for companies but also for private users, including image editing - for printable flyers and letters etc. as well as online newsletters.

MS Office 2010 Professional Plus

In addition to the individual programs already included in MS Office 2010 Standard, the Professional Plus Edition also offers

    • Access 2010 for creating databases
    • InfoPath 2010 for creating and managing forms

Access 2010 - database applications for professionals and beginners

Microsoft Access is a powerful and at the same time easy to understand program, with which complex databases and applications can be created and managed in a few steps according to individual requirements, in order to make them available to other users in the company, but also to customers. The database management system offers various tools to structure and manage even large amounts of data in a meaningful way.

InfoPath 2010 - Create powerful forms

InfoPath is a versatile tool that uses custom forms to accelerate business processes that involve collecting and organizing information. In addition to business users in companies, IT departments and developers also benefit from the powerful functions InfoPath offers, for example, to create forms for time recording, surveys, or even insurance. The powerful XML editing module in conjunction with the integrated standard controls enables the automation of many processes when connected to SharePoint Server 2010.

System requirements for MS Office 2010 Standard / Professional Plus

The Office 2010 editions are now available for download in two versions - unlike the previous version: 32-bit and 64-bit. By default, the 32-bit version is installed during the download, which avoids compatibility problems with the 64-bit version on older computers or operating systems. The 64-bit version is mainly suitable for processing Excel or MS Project files with a size via 2 GB, as it offers more memory than 4 GB. The new ribbon interface also requires a larger hard disk space compared to the older version. Otherwise the following minimum requirements apply:

    • Operating systems: min. Windows 7 to max. Windows 10, or min. Windows Server 2003
    • Processor: min. 500 MHz - 1 GHz is recommended to use Microsoft Outlook
    • Working memory: min. 256 MB RAM - min. 512 MB is recommended for the use of Outlook services
    • Hard drive space: min. 3.5 GB for Office 2010 Professional Plus
    • Image resolution: min. 1,024 x 576, min. graphics card with DirectX9c acceleration

Buy MS Office 2010 Editions Standard and Professional Plus cheaply at Wiresoft

In the Wiresoft Software Shop you will find the Standard and Professional Plus of the Office 2010 version as single user licenses - these are normally only available as  volume licenses for companies.

Your advantages when purchasing Office 2010 software with Wiresoft:

    • With these editions you get access to additional Office that are not included in the usual freely available editions.
    • The single user program licenses offered for both Office 2010 editions are purely purchase versions, which do not oblige you to a software subscription, as is increasingly offered for newer versions, but which usually mean updates with costs.

For these reasons, buying software from Wiresoft is worthwhile twice over, especially if you do not want to switch to a newer operating system. Thus, especially private users as well as self-employed persons and SMEs benefit from all advantages of the MS Office 2010 editions available in the software shop and also save money, because they receive them at a particularly favourable price. How to do this?

Buy Microsoft Office 2010 as used software

Wiresoft offers the MS Office Version 2010 in the mentioned editions as well as other versions as used software. This means: as so-called Used Software they come from a previous user - usually a larger company - so that they are significantly cheaper in price at Wiresoft than a license of the same software - if it is still available from another dealer at all.

Such used software does not necessarily have to have been installed or used. Almost every software license offered by Wiresoft - here especially the one for MS Office 2010 - comes from a volume license, which is always designed for a larger number of workstations or users and was purchased by companies in certain fixed scales. These companies are entitled to sell such volume licenses or parts thereof, which are not needed, to Wiresoft. In doing so, these are divided into individual licenses.

This does not affect or restrict their general functionality, but it does make certain editions such as Standard and Professional Pro available for purchase by our customers.

The splitting and resale of volume licenses of MS Office 2010 and other Microsoft programs is legal and has also been expressly confirmed in court.

Security when buying software with Wiresoft

To activate the Office on your PC, a volume license key - also known as a Multi-Activation Key (MAK) - is required. This key is valid exactly for the number of PCs defined per volume license. With Wiresoft you can always be sure that you receive a fully usable software product that runs functionally and for an unlimited period of time on your computer!

In addition to these Office 2010 editions, you will also find newer versions and other Microsoft software for purchase in the Wiresoft software shop. If you have questions about Office 2010 Standard and Professional Plus or another MS program, simply use our competent advice by e-mail, phone and in the chat.