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MS Project 2019 Professional - the project management software as a purchase version Project 2019 Professional is the versatile, proven project management system for larger companies and organizations that features a wide range of...
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MS Project 2019 Standard - the project management software for sale as a standalone version Project 2019 Standard is the latest version of Microsoft's flexible project management system, aimed primarily at SMEs and the self-employed. The...
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MS Project 2016 Professional - buy the comprehensive project management solution as used software The Project Professional 2016 Edition is the most comprehensive application of this version, which was developed by Microsoft for planning...
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Project 2013 Professional - the Microsoft project management software for professionals as a purchase version MS Project Professional 2013 is the most comprehensive edition of this Microsoft software solution to cover the most diverse...
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Project 2013 Standard - the proven Microsoft project management software as a purchase version The MS Project Standard 2013 is a popular edition of the Microsoft software solution for the registration, planning, as well as the...
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Microsoft Project 2010 Standard Download Microsoft Project Standard 2010 (Project Management) Manage and create new projects, assign deadlines and assign people to specific tasks within the Project Manager software. With Project Standard...
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Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Download Microsoft Project Professional 2010 (professional project management) Manage and create new projects, assign deadlines and assign people to specific tasks within the project manager software....
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MS Project 2021 Standard - the latest version of the project management software for sale Project 2021 Standard is the latest version of the versatile Microsoft project management software, which is designed primarily for SMEs and...
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Microsoft Project 2021 Professional - the new professional version of the proven project management software With Project 2021 Professional, Microsoft has released a current version of the versatile software that is indispensable as a...
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Project 2016 Standard - the single license of the Microsoft project management software as a purchase version Project Standard 2016 is the proven Microsoft solution for the planning, deployment, management and documentation of projects...
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Microsoft Project - What features are included Pro version?

Below you will find an overview of the most popular and available versions of MS Project at Wiresoft, starting with the latest version MS Project 2021, the previous versions MS Project 2019MS Project 2016 and MS Project 2013 - up to MS Project 2010which is already presented in the modern Desktop view. Pro Version you can find MS Project in Wiresoft software store in two editions each: Standard - with many professional features - and Professional, with exclusive extensions and additional functions.

All described versions or editions of MS Project are available in the Wiresoft online store as used original software from Microsoft at a lower price. This gives you the opportunity to purchase especially older software versions of Project, which are no longer offered as new in the rules.

Overview of the most important features of MS Project 2019

The version Project 2019 differs first also optically from the predecessor version, because it has a clearer Desktop-representation. Likewise, already existing functions have been optimized - among other things with innovations such as the customizable reports for visualizing project data as well as in the display of Gantt charts in the standard view and in team communication through the Lync functionality.

MS Project 2019 Standard

Furthermore, MS Project offers the following features in both Standard and Professional editions:

Basic Features:

  • Easy project creation with the predefined templates
  • Import of data from Excel or via SharePoint
  • New templates for reports
  • Optimized accessibility, e.g. with the zoom function for Gantt charts, the screen magnifier and the color coding of individual tasks
  • Basic functions can be accessed via Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) using the keyboard
  • Suitable for: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019

Additional functions:

  • Easier linking of tasks by selecting from a drop-down list displayed in each case
  • Use the "collective operation name" field to find an individual operation in the overall plan
  • Add labels to timeline bars for better understanding

Special features of the Project Professional 2019 Edition

Compared to the Standard edition, the Professional edition of MS Project 2019 includes some exclusive features that especially support project management in larger companies:

  • Optimized portfolio management through complementary views in budget management as well as schedules
  • Seamless integration with Power BI including analysis functions especially of critical situations
  • Improved resource management for the areas "work", "material" and "costs" with the resource pool as well as a clearer process and time recording and the team planner
  • Task paths in the Gantt chart inform about the current status quo
  • Context-sensitive user interface allows to link tasks and create timelines for them
  • Integration of Skype for Business and instant messaging for real-time communication, as well as MS SharePoint and MS Project Server
  • Standard burndown reports to compare completed, open, and planned project phases

Overview of the most important features of MS Project 2016

MS Project 2016 is characterized by a familiar Desktop from Office, the ribbon view known from there also facilitates intuitive operation here. New projects are designed with just a few clicks; in addition to the neutral Standard-Gantt diagram, many typical templates are available into which relevant project data can be imported from Excel and Word as well as Outlook or PowerPoint.

MS Project 2016 Standard

Furthermore, MS Project 2016 offers the following features in both Standard and Professional editions:

Basic Features:

  • The "Tell me" search function (German: "Was möchten Sie tun?") simplifies the search for specific functions in the menu
  • The portfolio management allows with the Microsoft Project Client a control over the current state with in each case own representations and/or views
  • Resource management including team planner records all resource agreements so that bottlenecks can be identified in good time
  • Via the resource pool, all available resources can be managed and coordinated with the team planner across projects
  • MS Project 2016 requires at least Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

Additional functions:

  • Multiple timelines provide a more differentiated project overview, including the "Milestones" view
  • Projects can be further subdivided into a main project with subprojects and both levels can be linked together
  • "What-if" analyses allow making reliable forecasts about the future course, including various scenarios and proposed solutions
  • Professional reporting according to different aspects, such as: Comparison of baseline plan values, graphical reports for export to Excel or MS Visio, dynamic reports as well as burndown reports

Special features of the Project Professional 2016 edition

The MS Project 2016 Professional edition also includes additional features for successful project implementation, such as:

  • Communication via Skype for Business to optimize team collaboration
  • MS SharePoint connection for real-time synchronization and locally independent access to projects as well as task and activity lists
  • Highlighting of individual task paths in the Gantt chart for improved overview of individual tasks and their relevance for the entire project

Presentation of the most important features of MS Project 2013

TheMS Project 2013 Standard Edition brings with it all the functionality needed to make the planning and execution of projects clear and at the same time simple at every stage, right from the start. New tasks can be created in just a few steps using the Project-Center integrated in Project 2013, even by users with little knowledge. Various features are already available for this purpose in the Standard edition of MS Project 2013.

MS Project 2013 Standard

MS Project 2013 contains the following new features as well as improvements in both the Standard and Professional editions:

Basic Features:

  • Selection from many predefined templates or use of a blank Gantt chart create - also use of an older project is possible.
  • Intuitive features and tools, clearly arranged in the optimized Desktop interface, allow the differentiated identification of resources as well as all project phases
  • Project data can be imported directly, e.g. from Excel
  • MS Project 2013 is supported as of Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008 R2

Further functions:

  • Efficient resource management with the two views "Resource table" and "Resource information"
  • Possibility to distinguish resource types according to Enterprise-resources as well as local resources and generic resources
  • Various automations simplify project planning, e.g. display of multiple use of a resource for concurrent tasks and all changes
  • Various timeline views in the Gantt bar chart such as snapshots or milestone display as well as highlighting of individual task paths
  • Professional reporting including dynamic burndown reports and continuous updating of important baseline plan values in real time

Exclusive features of the Project Professional 2013 Edition

In addition, the following features, among others, are available specifically in the MS Project 2013 Professional edition:

  • Use of Skype for Business via Microsoft Lync with Voice over IP or Instant Messaging incl. presence notification
  • Task management and collaboration via MS SharePoint

Overview of MS Project 2010 features

MS Project 2010 provides a wide range of useful functions for successful project management in companies, which can be used intuitively. With the familiar Desktop interface from Office 2010, new projects including deadlines and resources can be created quickly and managed clearly.

MS Project 2010 Standard

MS Project 2010 offers the following features in the Standard (as well as the Professional) Edition:

Basic Features:

  • Project data and information can be imported directly from Excel documents into a project
  • The new Office menu offers a clear presentation of all relevant features of a project
  • The various possibilities for the design by means of different colors as well as designs and effects allow a clear representation of all relevant processes

Additional functions:

  • Independent work processes accelerate management and enable greater efficiency
  • Automatic warnings in the event of overlaps in terms of time or resources facilitate project management
  • Calendar entries and resources can be set in relation to each other
  • Support for large or complex projects through the 64-bit version
  • Support from Windows XP (SP3, 32-bit), Windows Server 2003 SP2 (not compatible with Microsoft Office 2016)

Additional functions of the Project Professional 2010 edition

Especially in the MS Project 2013 Professional  edition, additional features are also integrated, such as:

  • Using MS SharePoint for team collaboration and publishing task lists and updates
  • Running scenarios ("What if?") with simultaneous deactivation of certain tasks
  • Drag and drop management of resources and manpower including automatic updates

Your advantages when purchasing MS Project as used software from Wiresoft

All versions and editions of MS Project described above are already available as single-user licenses at Wiresoft - by purchasing MS Project used software you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • MS Project as used software from Wiresoft is significantly cheaper in price than new software
  • In the Wiresoft software store you will find the latest version of MS Project as well as older versions with different hardware requirements
  • Each Project edition is an original Microsoft software and has the full functionality
  • Exclusive editions are available at Wiresoft outside a volume license
  • The offered purchase version does not obligate to a subscription with appropriate updates, it is thereby temporally unrestricted usable
  • Both the purchase and the use of Microsoft used software is legally permitted
  • All offered licenses of MS Project come from secure sources
  • MS Project used software from Wiresoft is audit-safe

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