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Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac - the efficient office and business software The comprehensive Microsoft Office 2016 software package is also available for the Mac. The Standard edition contains the proven programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint,...
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Microsoft Office Mac 2019 Standard - the proven software for business users Office 2019 for macOs is the latest version of Microsoft's proven software for productive work - with the powerful, versatile programs for the creation and...
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Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 Standard Download With this software solution, you can expect a powerful tool for an optimized and more efficient everyday office life. You will receive the software directly for download as a Medialess...
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Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Standard - more user-friendly than before Microsoft Office is also an indispensable component for daily work on many Mac computers. With the release of this edition for Mac users, in addition to the improved...
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Microsoft Office Standard 2021 for Mac MS Office 2021 Standard for Mac is currently the latest edition of the proven Microsoft office software for Apple computers, which is also offered as a download. Users thus benefit once again from...
$162.90 *

Microsoft Office versions for macOS as used software - overview of the versions available in the Wiresoft Software Shop

In the Wiresoft Software Shop you can find not only the latest version of Office for Mac, but also still popular previous versions as used software, such as Office 2016 for Mac, Office 2011, or older packages - each version is available in the Standard edition already as a single-user license. This allows you to use all professional programs of each edition including additional features on your Mac at a reasonable price - both privately and for business for team collaboration and in the cloud, as well as for comprehensive management of communication and scheduling.

The wide selection of Office versions for Mac operating systems ensures compatibility with the software versions and server systems available privately or in the company, so if you choose an older Office version, its integration is no problem; often these also require less storage space on the existing hardware, and still meet all the requirements in daily business with the integrated program versions.

Cost-intensive updates are thus avoided with these Used Software Office packages, which puts less strain on the software budgets of SMEs or freelancers in particular.

Another advantage of Wiresoft Used Software for Mac here is also the significantly lower price, which is possible by splitting former volume licenses into single-user licenses, which can then be purchased as a one-time purchase version, also eliminating previous subscription obligations.

The following overview presents all Office suites for Mac available from Wiresoft, including the special features and additions that are characteristic of each version. These can be purchased in the form of a single user license, rather than a volume license as often offered exclusively by regular resellers. You can find the following versions of MS Office for Mac in Standard edition in Wiresoft Software Store:

MS Office 2019 for Mac

Office 2019 is the latest version of the suite for Mac and is officially supported on macOS 10.12 - High Sierra - and higher operating systems. The Standard edition includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook as well as OneNote.

Office 2019 for macOS offers many improvements as well as enhancements in the existing programs, e.g. the accessibility check for the Standard-programs as well as the new freehand tool, with which drawings or sketches can be created spontaneously and with touch support also with the finger and can be inserted into a document and edited there further, as well as the variable adjustment of swipe gestures and the learning tools for the improvement of the readability. Furthermore, Office 2019 Standard for Mac offers:

  • Word: translation feature on text as well as focus mode for concentrated reading
  • Excel: new formulas, table types and 2D map graphics (PowerPoint) and emails (Outlook), and 3D graphics
  • as well as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for tables, but also for documents (Word) and presentations (PowerPoint)
  • PowerPoint: 4K video export and morphing functions
  • Outlook: Automatic specification of different time zones when scheduling appointments and for events, as well as Skype for Business for real-time communication

MS Office 2016 for Mac

MS Office 2016 Standard for Mac is installed by default with this version in the 64-bit version and runs from OS X 10.10 - Yosemite - (the 32-bit version is no longer supported by macOS Catalina), the package includes the individual programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. Among the new features is the simplified sharing of documents when sharing as well as an improved version history, in the respective programs are thus also previous versions available. The 2016 version for Mac also offers OneDrive integration as well as Data Loss Protection (DLP) to protect data, the typical ribbon view in the programs and it fully supports Retina displays (where available). Other features:

  • Word has a "Design" tab as well as the "Insights" feature and real-time collaboration
  • Excel automatically makes suggestions for suitable views in spreadsheets and includes the pivot table feature "Slicer" to select or filter individual aspects within a table
  • PowerPoint contains variants to design templates with different color-coordinated schemes
  • Outlook offers parallel view of calendars, weather preview and makes suitable appointment suggestions for meetings

MS Office 2011 for Mac

The version Office 2011 for Mac corresponds to the version Office 2010 for Windows and is supported from Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) to macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave); in the 32-bit version it is not officially supported by macOS Catalina or newer operating systems. In addition to the previous Standard-programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office 2011 for Mac also includes Outlook for the first time. Important features of the Standard-Edition are:

  • View of the programs in the Windows-typical Ribbon interface, with clear arrangement of all functions according to areas
  • Support of the Office features OneDrive, Remote Desktop Connection as well as SharePoint Services, so that Mac and Windows users can work together on documents online or with the Office Web Apps at the same time
  • Lync (later: Skype for Business) for chats as well as conversations via audio and video
  • Information Rights Management support to protect data according to different policies

MS Office 2008 for Mac

The Office 2008 for Mac version is basically the same as the Windows Office 2004 version, it is the first comprehensive office suite for Mac OS operating systems and is supported from Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Tiger) to macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave). Included are the Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Entourage (the predecessor of Outlook), as well as Exchange Server support. Particularly important features are support for the Office Open XML format, the Toolbox, which makes the most important Office tools available with one click, as well as the Elements Gallery and the powerful graphics tool OfficeArt. More about the included Office applications:

  • Word includes many layout templates and the WordArt catalog lets you make text more interesting
  • Excel offers predefined account sheets for financial management, an improved formula generator, and autocomplete for tables
  • PowerPoint includes an extensive selection of slide designs, including the ability to save your own templates, and the SmartArt object palette for quick access to graphics, icons, shapes, and images
  • Entourage offers many functions for organizing e-mail traffic as well as to-do lists, a project center and a newly designed calendar interface for managing appointments
  • Elements Gallery makes it easier to navigate and access tools and Mac-specific features
  • Scrapbook lets users store information and images and use the integrated search function
  • Compatibility report highlights limitations or problems with differences between platforms or Office versions and automatically offers solutions to these problems

Office editions for Mac as used software at Wiresoft - your advantages

All Office packages for macOS described above are available from Wiresoft as single-user licenses instead of volume licenses as offered by official software vendors. Buying them as used software offers the following advantages:

  • The price of used software licenses from Wiresoft is significantly lower than the price of a new purchase of a comparable Office version for Mac
  • The Office packages including the individual programs are full versions and therefore have the same range of functions as corresponding volume license packages
  • The respective Standard edition for Mac is also available as a single-user license instead of a volume license
  • In the Wiresoft Software Shop you can find the latest version of Office for Mac 2019 as well as older editions, which are supported by older Mac operating systems
  • Buyers can thus avoid updating to a higher version of an operating system from Apple
  • The offered purchase version is valid for an unlimited time and does not oblige to subscriptions as well as updates
  • The purchase and the private as well as business use of Office used software for Mac is expressly permitted by law
  • All Office licenses for Mac available at Wiresoft come from reliable sources such as companies located in the EU
  • Wiresoft used software for Office is audit-proof - with an unbroken chain of custody
  • For your software purchase, take advantage of our expert, friendly advice - by email, phone or chat