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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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The MS Office Suite 2013 Standard  with its variety of proven programs and efficient functions offers everything that a modern office software must have in order to fulfill the typical tasks that arise in modern everyday business in the organization and management of tasks and projects. The numerous intuitively usable tools support users in all areas: from communication to the creation of text documents and spreadsheets when processing extensive data to the spontaneous recording of ideas and notes that can be used immediately for vivid presentations.

For further questions about the product, please contact our customer service.

Product information "MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 STANDARD"

Microsoft Office 2013 Standard - the edition for business and private use

With its variety of proven programs and efficient functions, the MS Office suite 2013 Standard offers everything that a modern office software must have in order to fulfill the typical tasks that arise in modern everyday business in the organization and management of tasks and projects. The numerous intuitively usable tools support users in all areas: from communication to the creation of text documents and spreadsheets in the processing of extensive data to the spontaneous recording of ideas and notes that can be used immediately for vivid presentations.

Many features can also be used touch-optimized on devices such as tablets and smartphones via finger input mode, including a particularly clear display of buttons and commands on the touch-sensitive interface.

Microsoft Office 2013 Standard is still one of the Office versions most often used on a desktop PC; the reason for this is, among other things, its compatibility with Windows 7, so that all included programs can be used on older computers without any problems. This makes this Office version particularly attractive for private users, as well as self-employed people and smaller companies. In addition, Office 2013 Standard also offers the option of storing data and documents on Microsoft SkyDrive, which makes them available in the cloud and can also be shared via SharePoint and edited jointly by several users at the same time. In addition, Outlook's connection to Facebook and other social media channels expands the possibilities for sharing information.

The Office 2013 Standard edition is available for purchase from Wiresoft for single users. Below is an overview of the most important features and enhancements of the included Office 2013 software programs.

All important innovations in Word for Office 2013

The most noticeable new feature of Word 2013 is the new reading mode, which offers a significantly improved reading experience that is especially noticeable in longer text documents. Above all, the automatic column splitting enables a stronger focus on important content and thus increases the concentration while reading.

The improved collaboration with PDF documents and the clear selection of all format templates are also particularly practical. The following new functionalities deserve special mention:

General functions in Word 2013

  • When Word is started, all recently used documents are displayed in a clear list in a column on the left.
  • The "Draft" (Layout) tab provides an overview of all available style sheets, which can also be adapted to personal requirements.
  • The new editing view "Simple Markup" marks corrections with a discreet line at the text margin.
  • PDF documents can be opened directly in Word 2013, all content including graphics is then available for further editing. Finally, this Word file can be saved again in PDF format.
  • If a text document created with an older Word version is opened in Word 2013, the program displays it in the so-called compatibility mode. In this case, the new Word functions are not available, so that it can be edited after editing and saving then again with the older version of Word.

Real-time layout in Word 2013

  • As soon as a picture or the like was inserted into a Word document, Word shows appropriate layout options as icons, these can be taken over immediately by click. Various settings are now available to precisely adjust the display and position of images and graphics as well as the text flow.
  • The alignment guides make it easier to move and precisely arrange photos or tables in the text using alignment lines.
  • The live layout shows the respective result as a real-time preview.

Better reading mode in Word 2013

  • Word documents can be displayed in columns on the screen to make them easier to read. Using the arrow icons, you can scroll through the text like in a book.
  • When working on multiple Word documents simultaneously, they can be displayed in tabs as tabs.
  • Headings can be displayed on the left side of the page for better navigation; by clicking on them, the document jumps to the respective text passage.
  • To keep the text as neutral as possible, all editing tools can be hidden except for a few.
  • With object zoom, the tables, images, etc. contained in a Word document are enlarged to fill the screen. The tables, images, etc. contained in a Word document can be enlarged to fill the screen and then reduced in size again - all you need to do is double-click on the relevant text element.

Excel 2013: The most important innovations

The tried-and-tested spreadsheet software also has some new tools in Office 2013 Standard, which primarily support users in processing large amounts of data. For example, the program recognizes patterns when editing data sets and adds to them automatically. Different workbooks can each be displayed in their own window, which makes it easier to work on several Excel documents at the same time, and so on:

  • The new Lightning Preview feature automatically detects what you are working on, because it recognizes the underlying data pattern and then completes the respective entries immediately and reliably. Compared to previous automatic completions, the flash preview not only fills the current field, but also an entire column. If the suggestions are not desired, it is sufficient to simply overwrite them.
  • Data can be formatted with the quick analysis in just a few clicks. When a data record is selected, a quick selection menu appears in the lower right corner, allowing familiar functions such as conditional formatting to be set directly. By mouse-over, the individual formattings can be previewed and applied with one click.
  • In contrast to the earlier quick selection for charts, Excel in the 2013 version gives explicit recommendations as to which chart best suits a selected data set. These can also be easily further edited immediately.
  • Data in Excel and other tables can be filtered according to various criteria. The easy-to-set-up data sections show the currently used filter, so that it is always clear which data is being considered.

PowerPoint 2013: The most important innovations

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 includes a number of new designs and animations to expand the possibilities for presentations. The additional widescreen designs even take this literally ... In addition, the new PowerPoint offers a speaker view, which shows the presenter his notes, the audience of course only the slides:

  • The new Standard-slide size in PowerPoint 2013 is 16:9, this can of course be changed back to the previous format.
  • Two PowerPoint files can easily be merged into one document including the revisions.
  • Comments can be added at the edge of a presentation, the respective persons including contact options are also displayed.
  • In addition, it is now very easy to publish PowerPoint presentations as videos and post them on social media channels. Also, more media formats are now supported, such as MP4 and MOV, as well as high-resolution content and integrated codecs.

Outlook 2013: The most important innovations

The new Outlook 2013 is most noticeable when opening the program: Compared to the previous version, the new desktop interface looks much clearer. For example, the navigation bar, which is used to switch between e-mails, contacts and calendar, is now located at the bottom of the screen. This means that there is now more space for all other content. Outlook 2013 also has other new features to offer:

  • By integrating social networks such as Facebook or Xing, users now always have an eye on the activities of colleagues and friends.
  • Contact details from the networks can also be transferred directly to the Outlook contact list.
  • The integration of Skype in Outlook 2013 makes it possible to make phone calls directly in the program.
  • The Exchange ActiveSync function now synchronizes contacts and calendars, so that in most cases the Exchange server is no longer necessary for this.
  • With the help of the Peeks function, important information can be clearly retrieved. To do this, it is sufficient to move the mouse to Calendar, People or Tasks to open a window in which the most important information is displayed in each case.

OneNote 2013: The most important innovations

The new Touch app makes OneNote even more practical. This allows notes to be created and inserted into a document without a mouse or keyboard. Handwritten entries are neatly converted into printed text.

  • The improved table function helps organize content even more clearly with new formatting options.
  • By integrating the profile data of other users, notes can be shared directly with them.
  • With the "Send to OneNote" function, documents or web pages can now also be inserted into the notebook.

System requirements for Microsoft Office 2013

The Office 2013 software is available for download in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. Individual hardware requirements - such as for RAM - may differ as a result. The following minimum requirements should be noted:

  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2012/ 2012 R2 /2016 /2019 /2022
  • Processor: at least 1 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB (32 Bit) or 2 GB 64 Bit)
  • Hard disk space: 3 GB
  • Image resolution: min. 1.024 x 576, graphics card with Direct X10 acceleration

Buy MS Office 2013 Standard cheap at Wiresoft

In Wiresoft software store you can find Standard-edition of Office 2013 version - it includes the following programs:

  • Word 2013 - create business and private documents focused reading
  • Excel 2013 - evaluate data with powerful analysis tools
  • PowerPoint 2013 - create meaningful presentations
  • Outlook 2013 - manage e-mails, contacts and appointments
  • OneNote 2013 - create notes by hand, digitize them and use them everywhere

When you purchase the Standard-Edition of Office 2013 as a single-user license, you will benefit from these advantages in particular, in addition to the fabulous price of Used Software at Wiresoft:

  • You get the Microsoft Office 2013 Standard-Edition at Wiresoft exclusively as Single User Software.
  • This software license is usually part of a larger volume license of a company, which is why it is so cheap at Wiresoft!
  • When selling to Wiresoft, the office software - if used - has been uninstalled on the former computer, so that the license is 100% free and usable again.
  • Every used software has also been checked by Wiresoft to make sure that it can be used again without any problems.
  • Wiresoft, as a serious software dealer, does not offer trial versions for sale that are valid for a limited period of time or have limited functionality.
  • With every license purchase in the Wiresoft Shop you can be sure that you are buying an original Microsoft product, which is sold in compliance with the legal regulations, so that Wiresoft or you are not in a legal gray area.

For all questions regarding license purchase of Microsoft Office 2013 Standard or even other Microsoft Office products feel free to contact us via email, phone or here in chat.

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