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Visual Studio for Mac 2017 - professional developer software for macOS in the purchase version Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Professional Edition provides users with powerful features and productivity enhancements for the IDE to create...
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Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Single License Visual Studio for Mac in Professional Edition 2019 is the new version of the proven integrated development environment for .NET on Apple computers, which can be used to edit, debug and finally...
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Buy Visual Studio for Mac: The ultimate development environment for macOS

Introduction to Visual Studio for Mac

Software development has diversified greatly over the years, with developers now working with a variety of platforms and tools. For developers working with Apple's macOS, Microsoft offers Visual Studio for Mac, a world-class development environment. This tool brings proven efficiency and reliability to the world of macOS.

Key features of Visual Studio for Mac

Intuitive user interface

Microsoft has worked hard to make the Visual Studio for Mac user interface both familiar and intuitive for macOS users. It integrates seamlessly with the Mac experience while providing the rich features developers have come to expect from Visual Studio.

Multiplatform Development

Visual Studio for Mac lets developers build apps for multiple platforms, including macOS, iOS, Android, and even web apps. It supports a variety of programming languages and frameworks, giving developers the freedom to design projects the way they want.

Cloud integration

Azure integration allows developers to easily access cloud services. They can test, deploy and monitor applications directly in the Azure environment, significantly speeding up the development process.

Under the hood: performance and stability

High-performance optimized

Because it was built from the ground up for macOS, Visual Studio for Mac makes the most of the system's hardware and software. This means developers can compile, debug, and deploy faster than ever before.

Security and updates

Microsoft regularly releases updates to ensure Visual Studio for Mac is always up to date and secure. In an age where security threats are constantly on the rise, this is essential.

Community and collaboration

Team features

With built-in Git features, teams can collaborate, manage versions, and share code easily. It also supports Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, which further increases productivity in team environments.


A major advantage of Visual Studio for Mac is its extensibility. The developer community has created a variety of plugins and tools that can be seamlessly integrated with the IDE to further personalize and streamline the development process.

Performance and stability

Optimized for macOS

Visual Studio for Mac is designed specifically for macOS and takes full advantage of the operating system's strengths. It is fast, responsive, and stable, ensuring that developers can work in a trouble-free environment.

Regular updates

Microsoft is committed to continuous support and regular updates. This ensures that the software stays on the cutting edge of technology and security and performance improvements are made on a regular basis.

A look into the future of Visual Studio for Mac

The ongoing development of Visual Studio for Mac demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to the macOS developer community. With planned integrations of new technologies and an open ear for community feedback, it's clear that Visual Studio for Mac is equipped not only to handle today's tasks, but also tomorrow's needs.

Overall, the software for Mac represents a significant step forward in the world of macOS development and is sure to remain a major player in that landscape for many years to come. It combines the best of both worlds: the simplicity of macOS and the power of Visual Studio to give developers an unparalleled experience.


Visual Studio for Mac bridges the macOS world with the proven development environment of Visual Studio. It provides macOS developers with a powerful, reliable, and extensible tool for all their development needs. Whether you're developing a native Mac app, a mobile app, or a cloud solution, Visual Studio for Mac is an excellent choice that will enrich your development portfolio.