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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard-CAL SQL Server 2008 Standard is an ideal database management system with which you can reliably and securely manage all data in your company. To access the Windows SQL Server, you need so-called CALs...
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Business Intelligence Features in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

The following BI tools are available in the SQL Server version 2008 with a client access license

SSAS in SQL Server 2008

The SQL Server Analysis Services form the foundation for a meaningful analysis and fast processing of all business-relevant data. With the PowerPivot add-in for Excel 2010, large amounts of data can be imported and analyzed directly from the data warehouse and then presented clearly according to the relevant aspects using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). PowerPivot can be used to search for fields by name and named quantities as well as to search for relationships between tables that are not linked to each other. PowerPivot analyses can be made available to other employees in the SharePoint Document Libraries as reports.


The proven, well-known SQL Server Integration Services also provide the three important elements for Business Intelligence applications in the SQL 2008 version: In addition to the analysis, these are also the integration and reporting, which together form the prerequisite for all ETL processes - for this, users with a CAL have a broad portfolio of tools for data warehousing at their disposal.


SQL Server Reporting Services have been enhanced with a number of new features: Text fields can now be rotated up to 270 degrees, and page breaks are now allowed in tablix data and groups.


Master Data Services is a new tool in SQL Server 2008 that allows data to be centrally managed and simultaneously made available in a protected form for various applications, including sensitive customer and account data required for transactions.

service broker

The Service Broker for SQL Server 2008 provides users with a CAL optimized ways to spread server workloads across multiple databases. It also provides new queuing capabilities, making communication between different databases easier.


StreamInsight in SQL Server 2008 provides real-time control and processing of continuous data streams. StreamInsight is supported by CEP (Complex-Event-Processing) technology, which is mainly used in online commerce for processing credit card information, but also in logistics and network monitoring.

Report Builder V3.0

The new Report Builder V3.0 tool for SQL Server 2008 R2 optimizes the updated display of reports and graphics during editing, which has been enhanced with new data types in the geoinformation systems. Via SharePoint, individual areas can now also be published as web content.

The Microsoft licensing model with CALs for SQL Server 2008

In addition to the ability to license SQL Server 2008 based on the number of physical and virtual processors used in an operating system environment, certain editions, such as SQL Standard, have the alternative of first purchasing a separate server license to install the SQL software and then adding an appropriate number of client access licenses that entitle employees to use SQL Services and the data they manage.

With a SQL Server 2008 CAL you can access the following editions of SQL Server 2008 (incl. previous versions): Standard, Enterprise, SBS, these are also available as server licenses from Wiresoft at a reasonable price.

Get the most cost-effective licensing for SQL Server 2008 with a combination of Server License plus Client Access Licenses

The CAL licensing model for SQL Server 2008 offers an economic advantage, especially for companies and institutions with fewer employees accessing the server data and services. This is because licensing per processor only offers an advantage with a larger number of clients, as there is no upper limit. With SQL CALs, however, you only purchase the exact number of individual licenses that you actually need in your organization. With Wiresoft you can adapt or extend your CALs needs at a reasonable price. Thus you avoid unnecessary costs caused by unused licenses and your employees are always correctly licensed. At the same time you profit with the Standard from the essential functions of SQL Server 2008.

Server/CAL Licensing for SQL Server 2008 - Step by Step

Before you decide to purchase either type of license for SQL Server 2008, you should be aware of the actual size of your enterprise client access license needs. This is because it is not possible to subsequently switch between the two license models "Per Processor" and "Server/CAL".

If you have decided on the often cheaper option of licensing server plus CALs, you should note that in this case the company server is licensed separately from the users who are to access it. Although the server license also contains two CALs, these only entitle administrators to manage the license server or to perform typical IT tasks. However, they do not allow employees to use the installed SQL Services. To do so, they need the CALs already mentioned, which are available as Device CAL or User CAL.

A SQL CAL is also required if the SQL server is not accessed directly but acts as a database for other server applications, such as SharePoint Server or Office Project Server.

User CAL and Device CAL for SQL Server 2008 Differences

Client access licenses are - as briefly mentioned above - available in two types: as User CAL, which authorizes exactly one employee to access the SQL Server, and as Device CAL, which licenses exactly one Windows end device. Strictly speaking, the Microsoft licensing model regards these two as different licensing forms, even if they allow identical SQL Server functions to be used. Please note the following:

  • A User CAL cannot be used as a Device CAL after the license has been granted - and vice versa.
  • Likewise, it is not possible to transfer (license) the license assigned to a user or an end device to another user or end device - exception:
  • Switching from a Device CAL to a User CAL (or vice versa) is possible if the SQL license comes with Software Assurance, and then only at the time of renewal of the Software Assurance (or Volume License Agreement).
  • A user or device CAL can only be used to access the company server. It does not authorize to log on to the server of another company.
  • It is possible to combine Device CALs and User CALs and thus use both client access licenses in parallel in one environment.

Below is a brief description of the respective advantages of user and device access licenses.

User CAL for SQL Server 2008

The Standard User CAL allows exactly one defined user to access the SQL Server 2008 Services and the data managed there. Access can be made via any Windows end device, in addition to the conventional desktop PC or laptop, for example, also via tablet or mobile phone. The User CAL thus includes the possibility that access to the SQL Server is not locally bound and can therefore also be made from outside the server location in the company - e.g. in the home office or on the road. The User CAL therefore offers advantages for those employees who either do not use a fixed workstation or often use different end devices.

Device CAL for SQL Server 2008

With the Standard Device CAL one single device is licensed to use the SQL Server services. The only requirement is that the device is Windows and has Internet access. Thus not only a desktop computer can be licensed with the Device CAL, but also a notebook or tablet or smartphone. Every employee in a company who is authorized to use this licensed device can thus access SQL Server 2008. Licensing with a Device CAL is particularly practical if a suitably equipped workstation is used alternately by different employees, as is usual, for example, in shift work or for certain projects.

Your licensing with Standards CALs for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 at Wiresoft

No matter whether you want to supplement or cover your license requirements for SQL Server 2008 with CALs - Wiresoft offers you the corresponding SQL Device CALs as well as User CALs as particularly favorable individual licenses. The advantage of buying a license from Wiresoft is a lower price compared to new CALs - with the same range of functions - and at the same time you acquire original Microsoft access licenses, which come from European companies and are 100 usable.

All CALs available in the Wiresoft Shop have been carefully checked for authenticity by us before the sale, so that you as a customer have the certainty to purchase a fully usable software product with the license purchase. According to a judgement of the European Court of Justice, it is legally allowed to buy and resell software products as well as licenses for server versions of Microsoft.

Wiresoft's license offer enables you to license your SQL Server 2008 in a very economical way: Instead of license packages, you only buy exactly the number of client access licenses that you really need for your company to use SQL Server 2008. You can trust our expert advice, which is already used by many of our previous customers. If you have any questions about your customized licensing for SQL Server, simply contact us by email or phone, or chat with us.