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Buy User CALs for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 as used software In order to use Microsoft SQL Server 2014 in the Standard edition, in addition to a SQL Server license - which is also available from Wiresoft - you also need client access...
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Device CALs for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 buy as used software In order to be able to use the Standard version of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 - which is also available at Wiresoft - an additional client access license for a terminal device...
$78.90 *

SQL Server 2014 tools and features for comprehensive business intelligence

The administration and business intelligence database SQL Server 2014 from Microsoft already offers in the Standard many tools for the development of applications and the effective administration of your server networks.

With a Client Access license, users benefit from the new security features and query options as well as many other improvements. The scalable hybrid database platform SQL Server 2014 ensures efficient and secure business processes. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 thus offers a cloud-enabled information platform for developing and providing stable applications for the cloud.

New features include in-memory OLTP functionality, depending on the edition, as well as Column Store Index and StreamInsight, which together with SQL Azure support Microsoft's hybrid cloud strategy. Other new features in SQL Server 2014 include the new SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (SSDT). These advanced relational SQL Server database instance development tools enable you to design and deploy databases for SQL Server as easily as Visual Studio.

SQL Server 2014 Services for efficient teamwork

The server system of Microsoft SQL 2014 consists of five components, the so-called Microsoft Services, which together form the basis for the use of functions and the administration of data and users:

  • Database engine - it is used for processing, storing, backing up, replicating and providing data
  • Analysis Services - these enable, among other things, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) queries in the context of trend analyses, sales forecasts and data mining applications
  • Reporting Services - for the creation and provision of reports in various forms: as matrix, graphic or completely free
  • Integration Services - these tools make it easy to move, copy or transform data
  • Master Data Services (MDS) - they enable the efficient and secure administration of domains, customers, accounts and products, for example, and provide security for transactions

Hardware requirements for the installation and operation of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard

For the smooth installation and operation of Microsoft SQL Server version 2014, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • Memory: Minimum 1 GB RAM, 4 GB or higher recommended
  • Processor: for 32-bit systems at least 1 GHz, or for 64-bit systems 1.4 GHz, 2 GHz are recommended
  • Disk space: Minimum 6 GB, more may be required depending on the SQL Server components installed
  • Operating system: Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 in the 32-bit or 64-bit version

LicenseWindows SQL Server 2014 Standard with CALs from Wiresoft

If you decide to purchase the Standard of SQL Server 2014, Wiresoft offers the required client access licenses in addition to the server license - both as user CALs and device CALs. With the purchase of the Standard of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 you are choosing a fully functional relational database system, whose functions are fully designed for many mid-tier applications as well as data storage of data marts.

The current Microsoft licensing model for SQL Server 2014 Standard with CALs

For the SQL Server version 2014, the current Microsoft license metric is used, which defines different licensing options depending on the server edition, so that the SQL functions can be used.

With the previous server version of SQL 2014, Microsoft changed the method of calculating the

Server licenses. While the number of cores a processor had had in the past played no role, this now forms the basis for the respective SQL Server editions on which the licensing is defined. This is because the ever-increasing number of cores increases the performance of the processors, which can thus run ever higher workloads. Thus, the core licensing now also takes into account the higher performance.

In the Standard of SQL Server Version 2014, licensing per server/CALs is still optionally available in addition to 2-core licensing. Companies and organizations whose servers meet their lower performance and virtualization requirements can therefore also benefit from all the advantages of SQL Server 2014 Standard, including cloud functions, with a server license plus CAL.

To ensure that your business needs for services and features are covered by CALs for SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition, it's a good idea to determine your common workload and cloud services requirements. The number of employees accessing the server will also play a role. Because the Server/CAL licensing model is suitable if the number of clients accessing the SQL Server system is known. In this way, device or user CALs can also be used to meet your individual requirements for an IT system running under SQL 2014.

The following explanations also help you to calculate the correct requirement as CALs for SQL Server 2014. If you have any additional questions about the most favorable configuration with client access licenses for you, please contact us for a consultation.

Licensing SQL Server 2014 Standard with Client Access Licenses

By licensing individual users or devices, you are opting for a flexible and at the same time economical solution without additional costs, such as paid add-ons from other manufacturers, because a Microsoft CAL entitles you to use all server functions available for the Standard without having to forego the performance of the SQL Server software.

Composition of the Server/CAL Licensing for SQL Server 2014 Standard

Licensing a server with CALs separates the implementation of the server software from the use of SQL Server 2014 Services by a user. In the Standard, it consists of the Server License plus Client Access Licenses (CALs). For operation with the SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition, a server first needs its own license - this is also available from Wiresoft at a favorable price. This server license also includes only admin rights, which do not entitle an employee to use the server services and functions. For this purpose the employee must have his own client access license. The following options are available: either as a CAL for exactly one user or as a CAL for exactly one end device or device CAL. Both access licenses are available from Wiresoft at a special price. Without one of these two CALs, your employees cannot use the SQL Server 2014 features and the data managed with them.

Differences between User CAL and Device CAL for SQL Server 2014

The choice between a User CAL and a Device CAL for Windows SQL Server offers the advantage of very flexible licensing. This is because the Microsoft licensing model maps the two different types of use of the SQL Server services: User- or device-related. The device license has different access rights than the user license.

On the other hand, the CALs are available as single licenses. This means that you only need to purchase as many CALs as you actually need, and you can easily add to your license requirements later. And you have the possibility to combine both types of access licenses individually. Equipping with both CALs is particularly useful if different types of workstation usage are common in a company - see below for details.

Splitting into two types of client access also means that a user CAL is not used as a device CAL - or vice versa. Likewise, a license once granted cannot be transferred to another terminal device or user.

Use of a Device Access License

The Device CAL for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 licenses one (1) very specific end device, whether it is a desktop computer, notebook or tablet, or mobile phone. With this device, any employee who has permission to use it can also access all services and data of SQL Server 2014. Licensing with Device CALs is particularly suitable for workstations that are available to different employees in the company, e.g. in shift operation.

Use of a user access license

The User CAL, on the other hand, authorizes one (1) precisely defined user (employee) to access the SQL Server 2014 Services. Unlike the Device CAL, this user can

Users can then access the server data and services from any Windows device - whether desktop PC, laptop, mobile device, etc. - and from anywhere. User CAL thus offers advantages to employees who alternately use different workstations and are not only active at the location of their company, but also work in the field, in the home office or on the road.

Licence Microsoft SQL Server 2014 at Wiresoft at a favourable price with CALs

At Wiresoft you can get Device and User CALs for the SQL Server 2014 Standard as original Microsoft licenses at a very favourable final price. Like many of our previous satisfied customers, you too can benefit from the price advantage that Wiresoft grants you for these and other Microsoft software client access licenses. You will receive unused licenses for Microsoft products from European companies, which are 100% usable. Wiresoft has these

acquired absolutely legally and checked exactly for authenticity. According to a ruling of the European Court of Justice, it is permitted to sell or purchase software products such as server CALs. So you can be sure to get a fully operational license package when buying from Wiresoft. In addition, if you have any questions regarding your licensing, you also benefit from our expert advice. Just get in contact with us.