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Product information "VMWARE vSPHERE 6 ENTERPRISE"

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise: Maximum Virtualization, Minimum Complexity

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise is an industry-leading virtualization tool specifically designed to make IT infrastructure more efficient, secure and flexible. With a wealth of advanced features and an easy-to-use interface, vSphere 6 Enterprise is the perfect choice for organizations of all sizes looking to optimize their IT systems and increase performance.

What is VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise?

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise is a comprehensive platform for managing virtual machine (VM) infrastructures. It offers an impressive array of features to help organizations use their resources more efficiently, improve resiliency, and make their systems more secure. With vSphere 6 Enterprise, you can control your entire IT operation from a central console, from provisioning and managing VMs to monitoring system performance and security.

Powerful Features for Improved Productivity

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise offers a host of powerful features that help increase productivity and simplify IT management. These include, for example, the Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) feature, which allows resources to be intelligently distributed across VMs to optimize performance.

The Benefits of Using VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise

With VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise, you not only get a powerful tool to manage your IT infrastructure, but also a host of benefits that help make your business more efficient, secure and productive.

Improve resilience

One of the greatest strengths of vSphere 6 Enterprise is its increased resiliency. With features like High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT), vSphere 6 Enterprise minimizes downtime and keeps your VMs running even in the face of hardware failures. These features ensure that your applications and services are continuously available even in the event of system failures.

Optimize system performance

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise provides a number of features that help optimize system performance. These include Storage DRS, which automatically adjusts storage requirements, and Storage IO Control (SIOC), which optimizes data throughput. These features help maximize the performance of your systems and optimize the use of your resources.

In conclusion, VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise is an outstanding solution for organizations that want to modernize their IT infrastructure and make their IT management more efficient. With its rich feature set, easy-to-use interface and powerful performance optimization capabilities, vSphere 6 Enterprise has everything you need to get the most out of your IT resources and boost your business performance.

Maximum Security with VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise

In addition to increased performance and reliability, VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise sets new standards in IT security. With built-in security features such as Virtual Machine Encryption, vSphere 6 Enterprise provides comprehensive and robust security that helps protect your data and systems from threats.

Virtual Machine Encryption

Virtual Machine Encryption is one of the key security features VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise has to offer. This feature provides strong encryption to protect the data in your VMs, both at rest and in transit. This level of data security is essential to protect sensitive and business critical data from potential threats.

Secure Boot

Another security feature of VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise is Secure Boot, which prevents unsigned or tampered software from loading on your hosts and VMs. By using Secure Boot, you can ensure that only verified and trusted code is running on your systems, significantly reducing the risk of malware and rootkit attacks.

Easily Manage and Scale with VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise

The strength of VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise lies not only in its advanced features and security, but also in its ease of use. With an intuitive user interface and a variety of management tools, it's easier than ever to manage and scale your IT infrastructure.

Ease of Management

Managing your virtual machine infrastructure with VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise is simple. With the vCenter Server Management Console, you can centrally manage your VMs and hosts, significantly reducing management overhead. The console also provides a high level of visibility and control, so you can keep track of your IT infrastructure at all times.

Effortless Scaling

VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise also makes scaling your IT infrastructure a breeze. With the ability to quickly create and provision new VMs and support for cloud-based services, you can expand or shrink your IT infrastructure as needed.

In summary, VMware vSphere 6 Enterprise is a comprehensive and powerful solution for organizations looking to simplify their IT infrastructure while improving security and performance. With its ease of use, advanced features and ability to scale effortlessly, vSphere 6 Enterprise is an essential tool for any modern business.

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Customer reviews for "VMWARE vSPHERE 6 ENTERPRISE"
Jul 14, 2023

Super schnelle Lieferung

Kaum bestellt, schon geliefert. Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Service.

Jul 14, 2023

Großartiger Kundensupport

Ich hatte ein kleines Problem beim Installieren des Programms und der Support hat mir sofort geholfen. Sehr freundliches und kompetentes Team. Gerne wieder!

Jul 14, 2023

Excelente atención al cliente

Atención al cliente superior, tuve un pequeño problema y se resolvió de inmediato. La entrega también fue muy rápida. ¡Gracias!

Jul 14, 2023

Entrega rápida e excelente serviço

Estou muito impressionado com o serviço rápido e suave. Recebi meu programa apenas alguns minutos depois de fazer meu pedido. Ótimo trabalho, equipe!

Jul 14, 2023

Szybka dostawa i doskonała obsługa

Jestem bardzo pod wrażeniem szybkiej i płynnej obsługi. Otrzymałem mój program zaledwie kilka minut po złożeniu zamówienia. Świetna robota, zespół!

Jul 14, 2023

Service efficace et bonne attention

Je suis impressionnée par la qualité du service et la rapidité de la livraison. Merci Wiresoft!

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