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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP)

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Für den Zugriff auf die neue Version von SQL Server 2022 benötigen Anwender bei bestimmten Editionen bzw. Lizenzierungsformen eine Client Access License, z.B. in Form einer User CAL. Nur mit einer solchen Lizenz stehen ihnen die Funktionen und Services dieser zuverlässigen relationalen Datenplattform von Microsoft zur Verfügung: mit vielen Analyse- und Reporting- sowie weiteren Datenbank-Funktionen, wie sie Unternehmen für die umfassende Nutzung von Daten und deren Bereitstellung für verschiedene Anwendungen – auch in der Cloud – benötigen. Dazu stellt SQL Server 2022 nicht nur umfassende Kommunikationsschnittstellen bereit, sondern eine starke Performance durch die Nutzung von Big Data Clustern sowie umfassende Sicherheits- und Schutzmaßnahmen, um die Integrität von Daten zu gewährleisten.

Für weitere Fragen zum Produkt steht Ihnen unserer Kundenservice zur Verfügung.

Product information "MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2022 USER CAL"

User CAL for Microsoft SQL Server 2022

To access the new version of SQL Server 2022, users with certain editions or licensing forms require a Client Access license, e.g. in the form of a User CAL . Only with such a license are the functions and Services of this reliable relational data platform from Microsoft available to them: with many analysis and reporting functions as well as other database functions, as required by companies for the comprehensive use of data and its provision for various applications - also in the Cloud. To this end, SQL Server 2022 not only provides comprehensive communication interfaces, but also strong performance through the use of Big Data clusters, as well as comprehensive security and protection measures to ensure the integrity of data.

Since the SQL Server license of version 2022 will probably again only license the SQL Server as such, but will not entitle users to access the Server services, users will need an additional client access license (User CAL) for this purpose. Only this grants the required access rights to a specific individual user. With User CAL , it does not matter whether the licensed user uses a Desktop PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone for access. The use of a User CAL therefore entitles him to use different end devices in turn to access the SQL Server 2022. In addition, with an older User CAL , which is for an earlier version of SQL Server, he or she will no longer be able to access the current SQL Server version 2022.

Used User CALs for SQL Server 2022 are already available for pre-order at Wiresoft! After the official release date for the new SQL Server they will be available immediately. When buying used software from Wiresoft, you not only take advantage of the lower price compared to SQL client access licenses for User newly offered in the software trade, but also of the possibility to buy only the number of User CALs you actually need for your access to SQL 2022 Server instead of staggering!

SQL 2022 User CAL - Get all the benefits of SQL Server 2022 with an up-to-date version

The SQL Server 2022 version is currently the latest release of the Relational Database Management System from Microsoft, which provides companies with a comprehensive portfolio of functions for analyzing data from various sources and making it available for use in CRM or enterprise resource planning systems, etc., including reporting functions for documenting evaluations. For all these business areas, SQL Server 2022 is a Cloud-capable database management system that can also be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements and is also scalable.

SQL Server 2022 - Using Big Data Clusters

Depending on the edition of SQL Server 2022, various functions are available, including machine learning tools for processing targeted database queries, which are used for systematic collection and monitoring. With the option of the clustering of data User use the accelerated query of large data sets - among other things with Intelligent Query Processing, PolyBase as well as for the optimized processing of data from external data sources with Transact-SQL - including their provision for different, also Cloud-based applications:

  • With the "Big Data Cluster" feature for the comprehensive management of particularly large data volumes, users with a User CAL thus again have a group of powerful analysis tools at their disposal in SQL Server Version 2022. With these, on the one hand, Big Data workloads can also be moved to the SQL Server, and on the other hand, external databases can also be queried directly.
  • Big Data clusters also enable the deployment of scalable clusters of SQL Server-, HDFS as well as Spark containers via Kubernetes.
  • In addition, AI and machine learning tasks can be performed in HDFS storage pools.
  • In addition to the integrated AI tools, Spark, R, Python and Java are also available for this purpose.
  • Data Lake allows data from various external sources to be analyzed, combined with relational data and stored.
  • Transact-SQL provides parallel execution of tasks such as querying, writing and processing data.
  • Data Mart improves the performance of data analytics by horizontally scaling Big Data clusters.
  • Applications can be designed both as containers and as apps for web services, these access the data stored in a Big Data cluster.

For up-to-date info on all the Services available with a User client access license in SQL Server 2022, contact one of our Wiresoft staff.

SQL 2022 User CAL - What are the benefits?

The User CAL provides the identical access rights to use the SQL Server 2022 Services - which varies depending on the feature set of the editions - as a Device User CAL .

The user-specific client access license (User CAL) merely offers different options for accessing the SQL Server: An employee licensed with the User CAL can thus use any Windows-capable end device in a company for server access. The User CAL then offers greater scope for use if the user alternately uses different end devices - e.g. those located at different sites. Thus, it can also be used locally independently - e.g. in Home-Office or on the road - for SQL server access.

SQL Server 2022 User CAL - What has to be considered for licensing in general?

The Microsoft license management offers with certain of editions SQL Server 2022 beside the Core-based licensing also the Client-Access-licensing, e.g. of users via User CAL . The condition is that the User CAL and the SQL Server license either have the same version or the CAL authorizes access to a higher version. The User CAL 2022 only contains access rights for the client/server environment of SQL Server 2022 - so no software needs to be installed.

The license model of Microsoft will probably again offer two types of CALs for SQL Server 2022:

  • User CAL for SQL Server 2022: with this a dedicated User gets personal access rights
  • Device CAL for SQL Server 2022: this gives access rights to a dedicated Windows-enabled end device (e.g. PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone)

SQL Server 2022 User CAL - What provisions need to be considered when licensing?

As previously mentioned, the User CAL gives a specific user access rights to the SQL Server 2022, with used CALs containing identical rights to new client access licenses. The User CAL cannot be transferred to another User once the registration of a specific employee has been completed. It is also not possible to change the CAL type and, for example, use the User CAL to register a terminal device (Device CAL). The parallel use of User CALs and Device CALs for SQL Server 2022, on the other hand, is permitted.

With these provisions, Microsoft CAL -License Management helps to prevent improper access to an SQL Server 2022 and to increase the security of the data located on it.

SQL 2022 User CAL - version compatibility 

A User CAL for SQL Server 2022 currently provides the latest client access license from Microsoft. This also provides access rights for older versions of SQL Server will and therefore the advantage of a downgrade. If you plan to upgrade to the latest SQL Server version, you will need an appropriate client access license, because with a User CAL , which was valid for one of the previous versions of SQL Server, you will not be able to access SQL Server 2022 (upgrade).

SQL Server 2022 - advantages of CAL-based licensing 

While the Core-based licensing makes sense for larger Server-configurations or certain SQL Server editions can only be licensed via this, the CAL-based licensing is of greater advantage for companies with e.g. a limited number of users and represents the financially more favorable alternative. When purchasing used User access licenses from Wiresoft, the otherwise prescribed, rigid licensing scale does not apply and you can therefore purchase exactly the number of User CALs that you actually need, while also having the option of adjusting your licensing needs and purchasing additional individual User CALs.

If you have any further questions about purchasing client access licenses for Microsoft SQL Server 2022 as used software or other Microsoft software, please feel free to contact us by email, phone or chat. 

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