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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Workgroup BuyWindows SQL Server: Version 2008 Workgroup Are you looking for a reliable and secure management and reporting platform for your company? Buy Microsoft SQL Server for Windows in the 2008 Workgroup...
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Microsoft SQL Server for Small and Business 2008 For Windows: Buy SQL Server for Small Business 2008 Do you have a small business and work with the Windows operating system? Buy SQL Server for Small Business 2008 and make your business...
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Windows Server - the efficient software solution for managing and protecting corporate networks

Windows Server provides companies of all sizes with a proven, versatile server operating system to provide connected users with all the data and services they need to perform their daily tasks - locally and in the cloud.

Windows Server - Achieving Maximum Value with Windows Server

Windows Server is the server operating system from Microsoft that corresponds to the respective server version of an operating system. The software provides comprehensive functions to manage and monitor networks. The high reliability and security of Windows Server therefore allows it to be used in critical business areas, where the protection of sensitive data and compliance with legal data protection standards play an important role. In addition, it offers many enterprise features that are important for the daily business applications of companies.

Network administrators appreciate Windows Server 's comprehensive options for managing users and resources, assigning rights individually and reliably protecting data from unauthorized access both inside and outside the corporate network. Windows Server also offers numerous functions that ensure network security, as well as data backup and recovery in the event of a failure.

The central functions of the Windows Server versions include the Active Directory, which enables the automated management of user data and resources, as well as the Server Manager, which not only manages the individual server roles, but also allows configurations to be executed locally or remotely, they are supplemented by storage functions including storage virtualization.

Buying servers - the right Windows Server Edition for every requirement

The versions of Windows Server available in the Wiresoft Software Shop are each available in different editions, designed to meet the needs of different users - from smaller companies and home users to large enterprises and organizations. Depending on the complexity of the respective server systems and their performance, they differ per edition not only in the scalability of the included services, but also in the degree of their virtualization.

In the current 2019 version of Windows Server 2019, you benefit from additional security layers and modern, hyper-converged infrastructures through the integration of Azure, including new hybrid features that also enable the use of containers and micro-services.

Our Windows Server offering includes the following versions - including the respective editions, some of which are available alternatively as core or server/access licenses:

  • Windows Server 2019: Standard 16-core, Standard 2-core, Datacenter 16-core, Datacenter 2-core
  • Windows Server 2016: Standard, Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2012 R2: Standard, Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2008: Standard


Microsoft SQL Server - the flexible database system for the use and analysis of extensive databases

Microsoft's relational database management system provides powerful solutions for managing and analyzing large volumes of data and making it available for business-critical applications on a unified user interface; both locally on servers in data centers as well as on hybrid platforms and in public clouds.

Buy servers - use business intelligence for modern applications

In its latest version, the Microsoft data platform also offers the ability to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) for transformative insights in data analysis, making it easier to query complex data sets, especially in the Big Data space. With SQL Server, you can also use machine learning to make predictions even faster and more reliably - for database engines as well as in the edge area, so that the server software also provides a resource-saving solution here.

Azure accelerates your move to the cloud - so you can leverage its efficiency and flexibility for key insights to create business forecasts and make the results clearly available in informative reports on completely different end devices. Microsoft-based open source technologies are available for you to easily integrate data to develop intelligent apps.

Windows Server - High protection and strong performance of your company data

The integrated Microsoft Always Encrypted technology reliably protects your data from unauthorized access through encrypted transfers. It is supported by the powerful performance of Microsoft SQL Server solutions based on intelligent load balancing, always-on availability groups, and fast disaster recovery.

Buy Server - Microsoft SQL Server versions at Wiresoft

SQL Server from Microsoft is available for purchase and immediate download in the Wiresoft Shop, in addition to the latest 2019 version, as well as in the proven previous versions. With our offer on SQL Server, you can supplement your existing licensing of a particular version or upgrade to a higher one.

The different editions mainly take into account the virtualization needs that vary from company to company. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can already use SQL Server Services at a reasonable price with Server/Client licensing, while larger to large companies and organizations will benefit in particular from the Core-based editions:

  • SQL Server 2019 - Editions: Standard, Standard 2-Core, Enterprise 2-Core
  • SQL Server 2017 - Editions: Standard, Standard 2-Core, Enterprise 2-Core
  • SQL Server 2016 - Editions: Standard, Standard 2-Core
  • SQL Server 2014 - Editions: Standard, Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2012 - Editions: Standard, Standard, Business Intelligence, Enterprise


Microsoft Exchange Server - the versatile groupware solution for managing e-mails, contacts and appointments

Exchange Server from Microsoft is the proven software for sending, receiving and archiving e-mails, including the intelligent management of contacts, appointments and tasks in most companies worldwide. The use of Exchange Server in larger operating environments is an important prerequisite for efficient work on projects. Many practical functions facilitate team collaboration, as data can be edited and managed jointly by several users and at the same time protected from unauthorized access.

Buy Server - Comprehensive data security and availability

The storage and search functions available in Exchange Server also support compliance with both internal and legal requirements. The intelligent inbox organizes the daily volume of emails, saving valuable time, and is complemented by customizable anti-spam filters, including globally usable email accept/deny lists.

The high availability (HA) integrated into Exchange ensures continuous service, including availability of data and services, even for different failure scenarios, among other things with the Database Availability Groups.

Users also benefit from effective tools such as the Meta Cache Database Automation Script (MCDB), which speeds up searching and accessing data by also saving important meta information such as the folder structure of a mailbox. Dynamic Database Cache (DDC) - dynamically adjusting storage capacity - also enables better use of available storage capacity and, with its improved search index, not only simplifies data management but also increases search speed.

And administrators also have a simplified version of the standard version of the Exchange Server system available in the 2019 version with Windows Server Core, which makes server configuration much easier.

Windows Server - Versatile use of Exchange Services with endpoints

Exchange Server is tightly integrated with the Windows Server operating system, so users can use the available services not only with desktop PCs and laptops, but also on the go via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access and easily synchronize the messaging platform. The integrated phone features also support voice messaging, among other features.

Buy Server - Use Windows Exchange Server with Outlook

Exchange Server already includes the Outlook on the Web app for browser-based access to email. However, in order to use all the functions of Exchange Server, the Microsoft program Outlook is required as additional client software - also available from Wiresoft in the store. Outlook offers you the familiar Windows interface for this purpose.

Microsoft Exchange Server - available in the Wiresoft Shop

At Wiresoft, you will find not only the current 2019 version of Exchange Server, but also the various predecessor versions. This gives you the opportunity to supplement your existing server licenses at a reasonable price or to upgrade to a higher Exchange version.

Exchange is available in the store in Enterprise and Standard editions, these differ mainly in the scalability of the mailbox databases.

The current version - Exchange Server 2019 - represents one of the most reliable platforms for your messaging infrastructure. Convenient features like Outlook Mobile provide secure access to Exchange Online even when you are on the go.

Microsoft Exchange Server can be found at Wiresoft in the following versions including the respective editions:

  • Exchange Server 2019 - Editions: Enterprise and Standard
  • Exchange Server 2016 - Editions: Enterprise and Standard
  • Exchange Server 2013 - Editions: Enterprise and Standard
  • Exchange Server 2010 - Editions: Standard