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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard-CAL SQL Server 2008 Standard is an ideal database management system with which you can reliably and securely manage all data in your company. To access the Windows SQL Server, you need so-called CALs...
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Microsoft CAL for SQL Server - Your licensing at a glance

Introduction to Microsoft CALs for SQL Server

Microsoft CALs (Client Access Licenses) for SQL Server are essential licenses if you use Microsoft SQL Server in your company. This text provides a clear overview of what they mean and how they work.

The importance of Microsoft CALs for SQL Server

Microsoft CALs for SQL Server are licenses that allow users or devices to access SQL Server services and databases. They play a central role in ensuring that your organization complies with legal requirements and that the use of SQL Server is regulated.

Why are Microsoft CALs for SQL Server important?

Correct licensing with Microsoft CALs for SQL Server is essential to avoid legal consequences and operational disruption. Without the right CALs, you may not be able to legally access SQL Server.

Types of Microsoft CALs for SQL Server

There are two main types of Microsoft CALs for SQL Server:

  1. User CALs: These licenses are user-based and allow a specific user to access SQL Server. User CALs are ideal if you have many devices and fewer users in your organization.

  2. Device CALs: Device CALs are device-based licenses that are tied to a specific device. They allow all users who use this device to access SQL Server.

Purchasing CALs for SQL Server

As a rule, Microsoft CALs for SQL Server must be purchased separately from the server software. It is important to ensure that you purchase the appropriate number and type of CALs according to your individual requirements.


Microsoft CALs for SQL Server are critical to ensuring that your organization is properly licensed and operating in compliance with regulatory requirements. The choice between User CALs and Device CALs depends on your specific business situation. Properly licensed CALs are the key to smooth operations and avoiding legal issues. Make sure you purchase the right CALs to ensure the compliance and legality of your SQL Server usage.